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Back Pain Breakthrough Review

This is a Fast and Natural Back Pain Treatment Method to get rid of your Back Pain Forever without a chiropractor, addictive pain pills, or surgery in just 3 weeks.

Hi…. nice to see you here. You may think the article above is impossible. But, maybe because you’ve tried something out there that disappointed you, let’s continue reading this page so that you are more open and understand back pain to know more about what treatment is right for you.

Here we introduce a back pain relief program designed by Dr. Steve Young, a top back pain specialist in Philadelphia, and Amy Palmer.

For more than 20 years, he’d built a reputation for taking on the most difficult back pain cases… And providing INSTANT relief without injections, needles, pills, or surgery.

The method is so effective that patients come from all over the East Coast for treatment, and here’s an impressive list of credentials:

  • He’d studied with the world’s top biomechanics specialists.
  • He’d worked with many professional athletes, including NFL footballers, NBA players, and MMA fighters.
  • His work has been published in over 50 medical journals.

Let’s explore further Dr. Steve about back pain that was not informed by the medical world.

What Causes Back Pain?

As you can see, the spine is made up of vertebrae, spinal discs, and spinal nerves.

back pain treatment

Such is a healthy back, but many of us, and through no fault of our own, do not have that space.

On the contrary, the spine is pushed to the spinal cord.

Now, as you can imagine, the spinal cord is very sensitive and should not be touched. So when your spine starts pushing against it, it causes hot flames to burn all over your back.

We call this “nerve impingement,” or neuropathies disorder, the root cause of back pain.

The more force the vertebrae exert on the spinal nerve, the worse the pain will be.

This is why your pain levels fluctuate throughout the day.

When the vertebrae lightly press against your spinal nerve, you’ll have a dull, mild pain.

back pain treatment

But when the vertebrae exert a lot of force on the nerve…the pain becomes excruciating. And it gets worse…

Sometimes, the vertebrae exert so much force on the spinal nerve…

It becomes pinched!

And when this happens, not only will you be in agony from your back…But stabbing sciatic pain will run down your leg. Because the spinal nerve is so tightly pinched…That the nerves in the leg start over firing, which causes awful, stinging pain.

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain?

If we want to eliminate back pain, we need to get the vertebrae away from the spinal nerve, and if we can do that, your back pain will disappear.

“How do we create space between the vertebrae and the spinal nerve?”

So the iliacus muscle and this little muscle is in the lower back.

As well as bulging discs, trapped nerves, and sciatic pain.

For such a small muscle, it causes a huge number of problems.

What is the iliacus muscle?
back pain treatment

The iliacus muscle connects your spine to your legs.

Whenever you walk, sit down, bend over…Or do anything that involves your back…Your iliacus muscle is working hard, doing its job to support your spine.

For most of human history, this hasn’t been a problem.

But now, because of our modern lifestyles, the iliacus muscle is massively overstimulated.

Did you know that sitting puts more pressure on your spine than standing up?”

You see, when you sit down, the iliacus muscle gets very tight…And the longer you stay seated, the tighter it gets…

The problem is that the iliacus muscle connects directly to your spine…So when it gets tight, it pulls your vertebrae onto your spinal nerve.

In the short term, this causes chronic back pain…

But it can lead to bulging, herniated, or slipped discs…and absolutely excruciating in the long-term.

But sitting down is just one of the ways our iliacus muscle gets tight.

It also gets tight from:

Driving a car
Driving a car
Wrong technique in exercises
Wrong technique in exercises
Sitting too long while working.
Sitting too long while working.
Using cell phones too often …
Using cell phones too often …
Sleeping in the wrong position
Sleeping in the wrong position
Being overweight.
Being overweight.
Have you heard of the iliacus muscle before?

Have you been told by a chiropractor, physical therapist, or doctor that a strained iliacus muscle is the cause of your back pain? If so, you must have heard of the iliacus muscle before.

Too many people are profiting from your pain, to tell the truth.

Pharmaceutical companies alone make $ 100 million each year selling pills to people with back pain, and most doctors know nothing about this, after all.

This explains why many people fail to treat their back pain and are even advised to continue doing chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, or even surgery because they do not treat the root cause of back pain, which is a tight iliacus muscle.

Finally, this is the quickest and easiest way to relieve your low back pain that directly treats the root cause of back pain, and it is called Dr. Steven as Targeted Spinal Release.

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Overall, if you really want to be free from back pain and have a strong back posture, we Highly Recommend this program because it is proven to have a high level of customer satisfaction, is naturally detailed, structured, and also provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee, you are RISK-FREE. So there is no reason for you to hesitate to make a decision.

Well, would you please click directly on Dr. Steve’s site here, or click on the image below to see the video? We will direct you to more detailed information about this program.

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Hopefully, this back pain treatment program was useful to you, and you will be FREE from your back pain problem soon without chiropractors, addictive pain pills, or surgery!

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