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Unlock Your Glutes Review

This is how to enlarge your butt to be Rounder and Stronger with this butt workout only 2 times a week for 4 weeks of training. Proven!


Are you still looking for a butt training program? If so, you’re lucky on this page because we highly recommend this butt workout program, Unlock Your Glutes, designed by Brian Klepacki, which is one of the top workouts available today to help you build strong glutes.

Why everything you know about training your body’s LARGEST muscle for greater shape, power, strength, and long-term health is WRONG…and if you’re still doing squats and lunges, it’s time to STOP!

What if you discovered all your hard work was causing you to be MORE prone to injury, has ZERO effect on the shape of your butt, and leaving you with LESS strength and power?

What if you discovered you were ALWAYS going to fall short of the body you want because…You’ve been LIED TO about how to train your body’s BIGGEST muscle…

What makes the glutes muscle different from other muscles?

Your glutes are your body’s most powerful muscle, yet they’re also the most misunderstood.

As the engine for almost every lower body and back movement you make, they deliver raw strength and power… but only when properly activated.

It’s like you’re sitting behind the wheel of a muscle car. You have all that raw power and strength lying dormant ready for you to unleash… but you don’t know how to get past 30.

When you discover the right way to unlock your glutes, everything changes. Finally, you can put the pedal to the metal on your gains. And you know when you’ve trained your glutes the right way, as you’re the proud owner of a strong, round, healthy butt.

He’ll explain in a moment how you’ve been misinformed about the right way to build strong glutes…

You’ll NEVER get a great butt with weak glutes

Weak glutes are often the “hidden” factor in most injuries, including poor posture, lower back pain, knee pain, hamstring strains, muscle imbalances, and lower-body injury.

Have you ever suffered a long-term injury that won’t go away no matter how much you treat the area of pain? For example, it could be a cause of weak glutes.

A saggy or non-existent butt can be embarrassing. But when you’re denied a strong, round butt, it’s a reminder every time you catch yourself in the mirror that your efforts are producing zero effects, leaving you frustrated and angry.

When your glutes lose strength, it affects your whole body. Other muscles are forced to compensate, causing imbalances and severe health consequences.

Here are just some problems associated with weak glutes:

  • Diminished athletic performance
  • “Flat butt syndrome”
  • Low back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hamstring strains
  • Hip pain
  • Lower extremities injuries
  • Ankle instability
  • Iliotibial band friction syndrome
  • Poor posture
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Inability to lift heavier weights

Your glutes are the powerhouse of your body.

Everything flows from this area. Whether you’re walking, running, climbing, jumping, stepping, sitting, or even just standing without moving, your glutes are involved. The stronger your glutes, the more efficient your movement.

Strengthen your glutes, and you will run faster. You will jump higher, and you will throw harder.

If this is SHOCKING to you, don’t worry – this program has your back and will reveal the secrets to building powerful glutes and a strong butt.

Who is Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS

Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS – aka Coach Brian – a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science. He has dedicated himself the last 16 years of his career to working in the cutting-edge training and training fields.

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As a Functional Movement Specialist, he knows it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction regarding training and performance. Step behind the headlines, and you get the real story.

He knows what works. He uses trial and error in the trenches and applies proven principles daily with athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness models. And this is where he does it…

The Compound state-of-the-art training facility in Clearwater, Florida.

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The Compound is Brian testing ground working with elite athletes applying the latest science to improve their performance, health, and wellbeing.

You see, everyone BELIEVES they have powerful glutes. But often, their weakness is masked by strength in other areas. As soon as you isolate the glutes… then the realization hits.

It’s hard to take when you work so hard.

Bodybuilders who spend their days squatting, making lunges, and deadlifting go to pieces when I put them on glute-specific movements. They’ve built a mansion on foundations of sand, and after a few minutes of glute exercises, they’re floored.

Compare this to sprinters who train at The Compound. They have a laser focus on glute-specific movements. Yet, when faced with the same program, their glutes deliver raw, unbridled power and speed.

Honestly… have you EVER seen a sprinter with a weak, flat butt?

How does this butt workout program work

The strategy developed by Brian at The Compound and successfully tested on his athletic clients includes the following important techniques:

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Restorative Lengthening

Releases opposing muscles that are inhibiting your glutes.

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Neuro-muscular Activation

Develops the mind-muscle connection and primes your butt for optimal recruitment of muscle fibers.

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Spine Protecting Movements

No unneeded pressure on the lumbar spine or knees so that the exercises are 100% safe for all levels.

EMG Proven Muscle Recruitment

Exercise selection backed by science proven to stimulate the most muscle contraction and effectiveness.


An under-utilized technique to build strength and power without lifting any weight.

Time Under Tension Tempo

Vary your repetition speed under resistance for the eccentric and concentric portion of the lift to make your workout faster and more efficient.

It wouldn’t be a lie to say Unlock Your Glutes contains Brian’s best skills and experience in the functional movement regarding glute development. He found a way to force your glutes to grow and created a butt workout program that only required two exercises per week for four weeks.

It’s effortless and gives you the results you want quickly – stronger, rounder, and more developed butt in just 15 minutes per workout.

Unlock Your Glutes is the first butt workout program designed to force your butt to grow by working every muscle from every area in every type of exercise.

What will you get in Unlock Your Glutes Program?

The package includes:

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Unlock Your Glutes Manual

Here all the myths and misconceptions about growing glutes are exposed. Then, based on the latest science and experience working with elite athletes, this blueprint will show you exactly why glutes are important to your health and how to get the best look and performance on your buttocks.

The manual also includes detailed and specific technical descriptions and pictures of each exercise. So there will be no doubt in your mind what you need to do and when.

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The Complete Coaching Videos
Bodyweight Edition and Gym Edition

A comprehensive package like this includes a LOT of moves. For the fastest results, 36 exercise videos are provided that show you the right forms and patterns of movement. The sooner you understand it, the sooner you will see results.

Shot in high definition at the state-of-the-art training facility, you can benefit from a Weight Edition designed for use at home or even on the road. The Gym Edition shows you how to use the local gym or home gym equipment to add resistance and speed up results.

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60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You’ve read this far, so you know you’ll benefit from stronger glutes that power your body without injury or weakness.

With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, your total satisfaction is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED for a full 60 days. You can try the complete Unlock Your Glutes, 60 FULL DAYS, and if you don’t get the butt you want from this butt workout, your money will be 100% refunded, so there’s really no risk for you.

On top of that, you’ll also get this $ 94 LIMITED BONUS that can speed up your path to stronger, more powerful glutes.

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Strong Legs Workout
(value $47 -NOW FREE!)

So you’re replacing squats and lunges with specific glute exercises. Yet, you still want to keep your legs growing… No problem! It’s why Brian developed the strong legs workout. It is designed to compliment Unlock Your Glutes with two workouts, so you have a nice strong pair of legs to go with your newly defined back-end.

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14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan
(value $47 -NOW FREE! )

What you do between your glute sessions is just as important as what you do in the session. From a nutritional perspective, it goes without saying getting your food right is key to getting the butt you want.

This proven plan is designed to rapidly kickstart fat loss to give you a better definition while fueling your glute growth.

Here’s what you’ll discover when you invest in Unlock Your Glutes:

  • Why most “glute” programs are NOT designed to promote the growth of a powerful, healthy rear by getting the science all wrong (and why you’re sabotaging your progress if you follow 99% of them)
  • The mistake that nearly EVERY trainer makes by focusing workouts on the wrong part of the glutes (and what you DO need to focus on to force your glutes to explode)
  • What models and fitness competitors know about sculpting your butt that they don’t want to share (and Instagram “experts” have no idea about) that can accelerate your path to a bigger, rounder butt in less than 30 days.
  • Why most glute programs pushed by Insta-celebrities are worthless and only leave you frustrated and out of pocket.
  • Why hitting your glutes first NEVER delivers the results you want and leaves you at a maximum 70% peak performance (Brian reveal the TWO vital steps to make every workout count)
  • What specific exercises you need to do if you have the least attractive type of butt known as “Flat Butt” that will entirely transform one of your least favorite body parts to the one you’re most proud of!
  • The “hidden” impact of weak glutes on your posture and upper body health that leaves physical therapists and chiropractors scratching their heads looking for the REAL cause of headaches, upper back pain, shoulder tension, and neck pain

What are they saying?

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Build Your Butt, Not Your Legs

“As a lifestyle diet coach, personal trainer, and bikini competitor, staying in top shape is critical for my career and my confidence. I enjoy surrounding myself with other health professionals who are experts in their field, and I was blown away when I met Brian. His level of understanding when it comes to glute training was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.

I like most people always heard, “DO MORE Squats!” and “DO MORE Lunges!” to get that butt into competition shape… but not from Brian. His approach was altogether different and actually a breath of fresh air. It made so much more sense after thinking about it. Why do “leg” exercises when you’re trying to hit another muscle group entirely? Instead, do glute-specific exercises to get your backside bigger and rounder and save the leg movements for another day.”

Sarah DeMarco
Lifestyle Diet Coach & NPC Bikini Competitor

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Mom & Fit Pro Approved

“Unlock Your Glutes is AMAZING! After having my first child, my hips, back, and butt really took a beating… But, as soon as I started using Unlock Your Glutes, not only did my glutes feel tighter, but I also had less back and hip pain!

It feels good to have my pre-baby backside!! As a mom and a fitness professional, I highly recommend Brian’s program!”

Meredith Shrirk
Lifestyle Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Speaker, Author
Badass New Mom, Malibu CA

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Coach Brian is the Best Glute Trainer in The World

“My glutes were sore for days after working with Coach Brian. He’s the best trainer in the world when it comes to building a better booty. I highly recommend you try his workouts. They worked for me, and they’ll work for you too! The variety of exercises and angles are really different and fun to perform. You are going to feel awesome afterward.”

Amanda Lynn
Posing Coach, Tampa FL


Overall, we highly recommend this butt workout program if you really want to have a strong and pleasing butt. Furthermore, it would help if you doubted nothing because this program provides a 100% Money-back Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose, you RISK-FREE.

So there is no need to doubt; for the details of this workouts program, would you please visit Brian’s site here… or click the button below.

Congratulations on having a more beautiful buttock shape with this exercise.

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