Turbulence Training Review

This fat-burning workouts program will help you burn your stubborn belly fat, burn more calories, & build your muscle in just 3 short workouts a week.

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The fat-burning workout “Turbulence Training” is a fast fat-burning program for men and women who don’t have much time to exercise. It’s a bold promise, and the workout promises maximum results in just three workouts per week.

Let’s take a look at this claim, and see if it really measures up!

Before we get to the program, let’s take a look at the expert behind the workouts.

Who is Craig Ballantyne’s

Craig Ballantyne’s

I’ve come across Craig Ballantyne’s name many times in popular fitness magazines such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness, and even in Oxygen and Shape magazines. So the program is clearly put together by a trusted fitness expert.

I’ve also talked to Craig about his training and education background. I’ll be honest, it was impressive, unlike the trainers with weekend certifications that pop up at large commercial gyms.

Craig’s experience goes back to the mid-nineties, in both the gym and in the research lab. He’s actually led research trials on sports supplements, strength training, and cardiovascular training.

Plus, Craig is a strength coach and has hundreds of clients with thousands of coaching sessions. This is a unique and comprehensive background, so it is not surprising that he came up with a new training system for fat loss.

Craig’s articles are always about traditional aerobic cardio workouts. Therefore, this program is not for you if you are looking for a new way to do 30 or 60 minutes of cardio.

But if you only have 45 minutes to work out, a few times a week, using a bench, dumbbell, and exercise ball, then you’ll like what Craig has for you here.

What is Turbulence Training?

fat burning workouts

It’s the combination of resistance training and interval training used to boost your metabolism so that your body burns calories and fat between workouts. But, he says, “Cardio doesn’t boost your metabolism after exercise. Only strength training and interval training do that – while you work, sleep, and eat – your body will be shedding fat.”

Fortunately, strength training, dumbbells, and interval training can all be done at home, with minimal equipment (if you are perfect, it might be useful to have a chin-up bar).

So again, if you are one of those people who likes machines, or cardio equipment, or marathon training, then this program is not for you.

Who is this program for?

These fat-burning workouts are perfect for busy men and women, and it’s not the type of routine that will turn anyone into a pro bodybuilder.

If you want maximum muscle and want to bulk up, try another one of Craig’s programs. But the Turbulence Training system is best for burning fat without sacrificing muscle, and you end up lean, defined, chiseled, and toned.

This program is fun! So many workouts are boring (i.e., long cardio) or repetitive. But Turbulence Training uses many unique (but not fluffy) exercises, including some bodyweight moves that will make you more athletic and increase your functional and core strength, all with minimal equipment.

All users will benefit from the Turbulence Training MP3, which explains every exercise explained in detail and completed with photos.

Okay, so bottom line. Turbulence Training is NOT…

  • Long, slow cardio workouts
  • A machine-based exercise circuit
  • A bodybuilding program to gain bulk
  • A workout with lots of time-wasting isolation exercises
  • A restrictive eating plan

Turbulence Training provides NONE of the above. But, it’s perfect for busy men or women who want to burn fat in the comfort of their own homes without spending a lot of money to buy equipment and exercise machines, and you’ll actually have fun, and they will be over before you know it!

Turbulence Training is the Key to Shedding Stubborn Fat and Getting Your Dream Body in just 90 Minutes Per Week

Craig Ballantyne’s

What You Will Get In Turbulence Training Program

Here’s exactly what you’re going to get:

fat burning workouts

24 Follow-Along Home Workouts

You’ll burn more fat in less time with these proven workouts. Not only that, but you’ll be going through each set and rep under the instruction of one of the best trainers in the world. You even get to see me sweating and burning fat.

It’s like having the entire Turbulence Training Team in your house training with you as your workout partner. The workouts can be watched on your computer, iPad or iPod, for any amazing workout done anywhere, anytime.

turbulence training

The Turbulence Training Program and Exercise Guide

Not only will you have 24 done for your workouts, but you’ll also receive a 12-week schedule that will show you exactly what workouts to use on what days. It doesn’t get more done for you than this. All you do is press play and burn fat.

Next, you’ll also get the Turbulence Training Exercise Guide. Inside this manual, you’ll discover not only the exercise photos and descriptions, but you’ll also learn how you can use these workouts with YOUR favorite workout program. Here will explained how you could use Turbulence Training to enhance the fat-burning effects of your current program for faster results.

fat burning workouts

The Turbulence Training Nutrition Plan

This simple nutrition plan is so easy to follow that you’ll be able to use it no matter how busy your life is today.

You won’t have to prepare 6 meals each day and haul around a cooler at work. Instead, you’ll discover how to enjoy your favorite foods without the guilt (or the belly fat).

With this powerful combination of workouts and an easy-to-follow nutrition plan, you will lose fat fast that will get rid of even the most stubborn fats.


If you’re curious, I suggest you take a closer look at Craig’s “Turbulence Training” program. I am very impressed with all the training types, bonuses, guarantees and results. Overall, we highly recommend this program to you.

For the money, it’s the best deal in the fitness and fat loss industry – much better than diet pills! And this program has a 60-day money-back guarantee, and if you are not completely satisfied, you will receive your money back. So, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

To prove the benefits of this program in more complete and detail, please visit this program site….or click the banner below.

fat burning workouts


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Q: How much fat can I lose with Turbulence Training?

A: The short answer is, “a lot.”

But to be specific, you should be able to lose one pound of body fat each week by following the guidelines for a healthy fat loss nutrition practice, and at the same time, you should expect to gain or maintain muscle.

This fat-burning workout gives you at least 16 weeks of fat-blasting workouts, so expect a two-digit fat loss by the time you get through the program.

Q: Why should I only use each version of Turbulence Training for 4 weeks?

A: We want to keep the variety in the training program to achieve consistent fat loss. Nothing, except poor eating, halts fat loss like staying on a training program for too long. But if you are switching it up frequently, you’ll avoid fat loss plateaus and keep making gains in strength and fitness at the same time.

Q: Can women use Turbulence Training? I don’t want to bulk up.

A: Yes, they sure can. Many women have had Turbulence Training Success Stories.

As well, women don’t have to worry about “bulking up.” Unless you are over-eating, it is hard for women to gain muscle. So by using the Turbulence Training for Nutrition guidelines, along with the interval training to burn fat, you will not bulk up when you do the strength training exercises (which are essential for boosting your metabolism – to burn even more fat).

fat burning workouts

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fat burning workouts

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fat burning workouts
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fat burning workouts
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fat burning workouts
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fat burning workouts

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