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Feel Good Knees Review

How this 5 Minute Ritual can get rid of your Knee Pain WITHOUT taking medication or surgery

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reports that joint pain and arthritis are now “One of the Top Chronic Conditions Leading to Death and Disability.” But don’t worry because here, we will recommend a knee pain treatment program that can naturally rid of your knee pain.

Before that, we recommend that you continue reading the following explanation to understand more about knee pain in more detail.


Knee pain is pain caused by an injury, such as a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. Medical conditions – including arthritis, gout, and infections – can also cause knee pain. It can affect anyone of any age.

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Some types of knee pain may be treated using self-help measures. Physical therapy and knee braces can also help relieve knee pain. However, in some cases, some have to be treated surgically.

At this time, we will provide recommendations for techniques or ways to deal with your knee pain and prevent you from knee surgery. Let’s keep reading.

The 3 Harmful Causes of Chronic Joint Pain:
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Join Pain Triad
Harmful Cause #1: Cellular Inflammation

According to The Mayo Clinic, inflammation is one of the leading causes of joint pain in adults over 45.

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In fact, some of the most common symptoms of aging, such as aches, pains, and fatigue, are all caused by inflammation

Did you catch that?

The inflammation inside your joint is causing much of the suffering you are experiencing daily. Waking up in the morning with stiff, achy joints. Trying to chase your grandkids but unable to keep up because of your “old knees.” Living your life constantly, wishing your knee would stop throbbing.

Inflammation is at the root of the pain you are feeling right now.

But that’s not all. Let’s talk about the second Harmful Cause: Postural Misalignment.

Harmful Cause #2: Postural Misalignment
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You may not even realize it, but how you stand, walk and even sit can cause havoc on your knees. It’s the “silent killer” you don’t even know is hurting you.

According to Dr. Tetsworth and Paley, in a ground-breaking 2004 study, they found that even a 5% misalignment of your knee can cause a 70-90% increase in added stress inside the joint.

They revealed, “This dramatic increase in load creates a four-fold increase in the risk of worsening the knee over 18 months”.

Yes, you heard that correctly.

Even just a small misalignment of only 5% can create long-term harmful effects inside your knee and lead to osteoarthritis and other debilitating knee problems.

If you are overweight, this only increases the rate at which your joints break down. Thankfully, this easy 5-minute ritual helps quickly realign your entire body (including your knees), so you don’t ever have to worry about misalignment destroying your knees. The best part is that it works, even if you are 30, 50, or even 100lbs overweight.

But before we get to this simple ritual, we have one more evil member of the “Joint Pain Triad’…

Harmful Cause #3: Cartilage Deterioration
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Renowned Dr. Chris Centeno M.D., a specialist in regenerative medicine, states that joint instability is one of the leading causes of cartilage breakdown.

If you are experiencing sudden “shifting, popping or cracking” or “soreness or swelling after activity,” according to Dr. Centeno, you might have low cartilage in your joint.

Oftentimes, cartilage breakdown is due to a common condition called “loose joints.”

Imagine your knee as if it was being held together by “duct tape.” If the duct tape is loose, then the knee moves around too much and slowly injures the cartilage over time.

Does joint pain cause disability or even death?

A recently released 76-page authoritative study shocked the medical community and sent chills throughout the industry.


The CDC (Centers For Disease Control) reported that joint pain and arthritis is now “One Of The Top Chronic Conditions Leading To Death And Disability.”

Yes, that SERIOUS Problem!

Even if you are experiencing a little bit of pain or swelling, or stiffness, that small pain is ballooning into a big problem that will soon pop and decrease the quality of your life and force you to live with unnecessary pain.

Following are the harmful effects of knee pain on your body and your life:

  • Trouble walking
  • Inflamed Knee Joint Pain
  • Aching, Swollen, and Pulsing Knees
  • Constantly Having To Take Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
  • Moving in Pain
  • Overweight
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Feeling Older and Immobile

What are BIG Pharmacies and Hospitals hiding from you about your Knee Pain?

A few years ago, the popular publication “The New Yorker” blew the whistle on major companies such as Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, and Endo Pharmaceuticals for the aggressive marketing of pain-relieving pills physicians across the US medical professional further education publications and courses.


Why do you think so many doctors prescribe NSAIDs and other “pain relief” drugs as knee pain treatment, and why don’t they fix the core problem caused by the “Knee Pain Triad”?

The big pharmaceutical companies have influenced doctors, and they make billions when you’re sick. What’s worse is when they ask you to have knee replacement surgery as the only knee pain treatment.

Knee joint pain costs more than $ 27 billion a year, which means $ 27 billion goes into the health care industry out of the pockets of people like you. It’s a massive business.

Treatment of knee pain

What if there was a natural, safe and effective knee pain treatment that could reduce your pain and inflammation so that you can enjoy pain-free movement, and of course, you are free from knee surgery. Are you not interested?

You can get rid of knee pain easily, quickly and can do it at home without any equipment using The 5 Minute Feel Good Knee Method. Todd Kuslikis designed this method; he is an injury prevention expert. He specializes in using Eastern & Western holistic practices to speed up the body’s natural healing process. Over the past 10 years, he has impacted the health of over 100.000 people through his online health publications.

According to our trials and analysis, this method has been proven, and the author’s explanation is reasonable and still based on scientific evidence. In addition, many who have participated in the program are saved and do not need knee surgery. And more importantly that this program gives you a 100% money-back guarantee, so you are risk-free.

What’s Included In the Feel Good Knee Method?

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Feel Good Knees Companion Guide

This companion program gives you a handy visual guide of how to perform each of the exercises. Learn the fastest method for reducing pain in your knees and develop strong, healthy, “feel good” knees.

The guide includes full-color pictures and descriptions for performing the routine and exercise modifications.

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Feel Good Knees Pain Reduction Tracker

Visually see your progress as you track your pain quickly disappearing. Use this handy tracker so you stay on course and use it as a daily visual reminder on your path to strong, healthy, “feel good” knees.

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Feel Good Knees Video Library

Learn the perfect form for how to perform each ritual. Includes a full video library that guides you through each exercise and modifications and how each exercise should feel.

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Free Gift #1: 1-Minute Rejuvenation Finishers
(Valued at $29.95)

These quick one-minute finishers help you rejuvenate and relieve your knee pain even faster. It can be performed either after the 5-minute ritual or whenever you have a brief moment.

They speed up recovery and strengthen the muscles surrounding your knee. This program includes a follow-along video of me guiding you through each of these unique rejuvenation finishers.

Free Gift #2: Postural Alignment Guide (Valued at $29.95)

Most people don’t realize there are 6 hidden postural mistakes they commit that are causing their knees to hurt even more. Simple tweaks to how you sit in your chair, drive your car, lay in your bed, and more… can give you immediate relief from your pain.

The Postural Alignment Guide includes a video tutorial to show you how to make these easy adjustments so you start feeling immediate relief and stop stunting your chance for recovery.

Guarantee #1: Pain Reduction Guarantee

Guarantee #2: 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You’re going to get a Pain Reduction Guarantee, so Feel Good Knees HAS to work for you…

The most important thing about this program is that besides the low price, it also provides a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days; if you don’t feel the benefits, you are risk-free!.

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