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Eat The Fat Off Review

This weight-loss method will slim your body in just 21 days by increasing the body’s natural slimming enzymes. It’s nature’s fat-burner you make yourself.

Before that, let us provide recommendations for the most popular natural slimming programs today by explaining this first.


This simple little guide, “Eat The Fat Off,” will guide you through finding the fatty foods and enzyme-boosting foods you should eat (especially at night!) to lose 10, 20, even 50 pounds or more… all while you watch your health and vitality soar like never before…

Forget about starving yourself. Say “so-long” to counting grams of fat or worrying about eating out. Never fret about eating late at night ever again—especially right before bedtime.

“Eat The Fat Off” changes everything regarding weight loss and living like you mean it—healthy, vital, full of energy. Like you felt in your prime…

Since when was this system known?

This natural slimming diet isn’t new. It was born 2,800 years ago in Ancient Greece. Passed down generation to generation. Lost for centuries at one point and later rediscovered by the people of Icaria, Greece.

Eat The Fat Off, the most popular natural slimming program, was designed by John Rowley, and you may have seen it broadcast on Fox News, CBS, ABC, The Huffington Post, and other major media outlets.

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And today, thanks to scientific breakthroughs made over the past few years, we’ve isolated the miraculous power of Lipase-P. As a result, we now know how to naturally force your body to produce massive amounts of this thinning enzyme.

And oh, boy: these foods are spectacularly yummy! Downright addictive foods that your body can’t get enough of—and that’s okay because you NEED TO EAT MORE of them to lose weight and return to vitality!

This means you can eat real food. You can dine at your favorite restaurant. You can enjoy eating tasty, fatty foods without a shred of guilt.

Not just on your “cheat” day. Every day…

“Eat Fat Off” Side Effects

Here are just a few of the “side effects” of increasing Lipase-P stimulating foods…along with the benefits Eat The Fat Off will bring into your life:

  • INCREASE Your Weight Loss! Research from The University of Copenhagen proves that Lipase-P is essential to rapid weight loss. This is because it breaks down stored body fat faster and converts it to usable energy!
  • REVERSE Your Tummy Problems! The foods you’ll eat contain gut-healing enzymes and digest like “that.” This gets rid of that awful bloating, gas, and fullness following a meal. It can even help serious conditions like IBS and chronic digestive disorders!
  • SLOWS The Aging Process Within Your Cells! Cells that make up your vital organs — including the lungs, liver, kidneys, skin, and reproductive system — age rapidly when Lipase-P is low. The GOOD news is that this is reversible. Your cells can practically age in reverse when your body’s Lipase-P increases thanks to these whole, natural, high-fat foods!
  • PREVENT Heart Disease And Diabetes! Lipase-P helps your body digest the stored fat and blood fats that lead to high cholesterol, high triglycerides, elevated blood glucose, and runaway insulin levels. This means you can AVOID a DEADLY and painful heart attack, ward off Type 2 Diabetes, lower stroke-causing high blood pressure, and MORE!
  • SMOOTH AND DE-AGE Your Skin! Having high Lipase-P levels helps your body to absorb vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat properly. This means your skin is nourished, and its natural, youthful texture can come back to life. As a result, many people report looking 10, even 15 years younger in just months on the Eat The Fat Off Program!

Will this work? Of course, it doesn’t work if you don’t follow it.

That’s why the best results come when folks apply these simple principles. Just a few minor tweaks to your meals is all it takes. It’s hardly a “lifestyle overhaul.” Even so, you still have to eat more food and follow the simple step-by-step plan.

Sound fair?

What are they saying

“Saved my sanity!”

As a wife, mom, and business owner, I have little time to waste, which is why I started the Eat The Fat Off program. I got it to save time, but it has really saved my sanity. I have gotten into the best shape of my life in a minimum amount of time.

–Kristi Frank, star of Donald Trump’s Apprentice, as seen on Oprah.

“John’s eating plan makes me look and feel younger than my years!”

As a full-time insurance agent, mom, and grandmother, taking care of my health and fitness is extremely important.

With Eat The Fat Off, I can target weight loss while eating real food very efficiently. And wow, that melts all the fat that’s on my body.

–Jill Grainer, Mom, insurance agent, Pilates instructor (I’m the grandmother in the blue shorts hanging with my girlfriends who are more than 20 years younger than me)

“Just what the doctor ordered”…

“When your doctor asks what you are doing to stay in shape, you know you’re doing something right, especially at 69 years old.”

I am on the right, standing next to my son’s friend on the rowing team at Harvard.

Mitch Mayer

“My Doctor Was Stunned”

When I started following the Eat The Fat Off ™ system, I was very skeptical.

Finally, I am shocked and happy that I have lost 35 pounds in the last 60 days. In addition, my blood pressure went from 180/100 to 124/84, and my blood sugar went from 400 to 120.


What you will get from “Eat The Fat Off” program?

natural slimming book

The Eat The Fat Off Weight Loss Handbook

This is John’s breakthrough Eat The Fat Off Principles spelled out for you in a simple, no-fluff, easy-to-read booklet…

The Blueprint that’s helping thousands of folks just like you finally get on the track to weight loss success!

natural slimming recipes

The Eat The Fat Off Grocery Guide

This is your exact list of foods you need to eat for maximum weight loss…

Foods that you can get right down the street… Simple foods that taste great… AND foods that trigger The Eat The Fat Off Effect!

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The Eat The Fat Off Meal-Planning Blueprint

This removes all the guesswork on what to eat and when to eat it…

So you are always triggering The Eat The Fat Off Effect…

natural slimming
natural weight loss program

Cheat Your Way Trim

This is The Eat The Fat Off “Cheat Meals Are Mandatory” Plan that helps you feel free from any guilt the next time you want to splurge…

And enjoy your favorite foods… even desserts…

And know for a fact you’re still right on the plan to lose even more weight!

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60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied, you will receive your money 100% without question. So, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Let’s keep reading this article; we will direct you to a more detailed explanation of this natural slimming method before trying this, and our advice you should know it. So, would you please visit their link here, or click the button below.

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