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Ejaculation by Command Review

Can Premature Ejaculation Ruin Your Sex Life?. You are lucky to be here because you find a solution that will help you permanently end early ejaculation and last longer in bed.

Most men in the world experience the problem of premature ejaculation during sex. Many men cannot last anything longer than 2 to 4 minutes of straight sex. Worse still, some men last only a mere 30 seconds before their intercourse ends abruptly. There is nothing worse than for a guy who can’t last long enough to fulfill his female partner sexually. Many relationships are known to hit a rock just because a man does not have enough endurance in bed, interfering with his sexual life and libido if not addressed immediately.

So, if you want to be a strong man who can fulfill your female partner sexually, anytime, anywhere, please stay here.

Can premature ejaculation ruin your sex life?

Well, it depends. Premature ejaculation is only a problem if it causes a lot of trouble or discomfort for you and your partner.

If your woman gets an orgasm even if you ejaculate within 2 minutes, there is no need to worry about your ejaculation performance. Many sufferers of premature ejaculation can make their partner orgasm with oral sex or with sufficient foreplay before intercourse.

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Lasting longer can help your sexual relationship.

Indeed sex will be much more satisfying if a man can last for 10 to 15 minutes during intercourse because that is the average time it takes a woman to reach orgasm.

Doing penetration sex will increase your sexual arousal and your partner’s and, of course, will undoubtedly provide the sexual pleasure that is much more beautiful. In the end, your female partner will get a great orgasm. And of course, this would not be possible if a man ejaculates in just 2 minutes.

The absolute truth about premature ejaculation and how to deal with it

Premature ejaculation (PE) is much more common than you think. PE is generally defined as no more than 3 minutes of vaginal penetration. But here’s the thing, early ejaculation is easy to control without medical or professional help.

The key to stopping premature ejaculation is to learn how your body behaves at each stage of your sexual response cycle. So, if you ejaculate quickly, you must learn to recognize your ‘tipping point’ and how to reduce your sexual desire.

By learning how to stay below this tipping point, you will keep your sexual arousal under control and gain better control over your ejaculatory reflex.

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