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How to Get Rid Of Vitiligo in just 45 Days?

How you can get rid of your vitiligo FOREVER in just 45 days with this simple vitiligo treatment method.

But before that, it’s good to know what vitiligo is, the causes, and the symptoms so that you don’t go wrong in choosing the most suitable vitiligo treatment method for you.


Vitiligo is a disease that causes loss of skin color in patches. The discolored areas usually get bigger with time.

The condition can affect the skin on any part of the body. It can also affect the hair and the inside of the mouth.

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face and body vitiligo

Normally, the color of hair and skin is determined by melanin. Vitiligo occurs when cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning. Vitiligo affects people of all skin types, but it may be more noticeable in people with darker skin. The condition is not life-threatening or contagious. However, it can be stressful or make you feel bad about yourself.

Treatment for Vitiligo may restore color to the affected skin. But it doesn’t prevent continued loss of skin color or a recurrence.

The Symptoms

Vitiligo signs include :

  • Patchy loss of skin color, which usually first appears on the hands, face, and areas around body openings and the genitals
  • Premature whitening or graying of the hair on your scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, or beard
  • Loss of color in the tissues that line the inside of your mouth and nose (mucous membranes)

Vitiligo can start at any age but usually appears before age 30.

Depending on the type of Vitiligo you have, it may affect :

  • Nearly all skin surfaces. With this type, called universal vitiligo, the discoloration affects nearly all skin surfaces.
  • Many parts of your body. With this most common type, called generalized vitiligo, the discolored patches often progress similarly on corresponding body parts (symmetrically).
  • Only one side or part of your body. This type, called segmental vitiligo, tends to occur at a younger age, progress for a year or two, then stop.
  • One of only a few areas of your body. This type is called localized (focal) vitiligo.
  • The face and hands. With this type, called acrofacial vitiligo, the affected skin is on the face and hands and around body openings, such as the eyes, nose, and ears.
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hand vitiligo

It’s difficult to predict how your disease will progress. Sometimes the patches stop forming without treatment. In most cases, pigment loss spreads and eventually involves most of your skin. Occasionally, the skin gets its color back.

The Causes

Vitiligo occurs when pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) die or stop producing melanin — the pigment gives your skin, hair, and eyes color. As a result, the involved patches of skin become lighter or white. It’s unclear exactly what causes these pigment cells to fail or die. It may be related to :

  • A disorder of the immune system (an autoimmune condition)
  • Family history (heredity)
  • A trigger event, such as stress, severe sunburn, or skin trauma, such as contact with a chemical


People with Vitiligo may be at increased risk of:

  • Social or psychological distress, depression
  • Sunburn
  • Eye problems
  • Hearing loss

Treatment of Vitiligo

So, are you experiencing any of the symptoms above? Or do you suffer from vitiligo but never find the right way to cure it?. You may have spent a lot of money and time, leaving you frustrated and discouraged by the sheer amount of misleading information out there, making unrealistic promises. You doubt because they dare not give a guarantee, and so on. . .

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